Spartan BioRecovery LLC

Spartan BioRecovery LLC
Spartan BioRecovery LLC


We offer a wide variety of cleaning and mitigation services involving: Unattended Deaths, Crime Scenes, Hoarding, Mold, Disinfection and Decontamination, Flooding/Fire/Storm Damages, and Property Restoration.

About us

Our founders of Spartan BioRecovery are first responders and people just like you! Based in the small town of Thorntown, Indiana, we understand the sense of community and supporting each other in times of need. We realize that you need someone who you can trust and count on in some of the most stressful times in life. Spartan BioRecovery is your premier and local provider of disaster response, biohazard cleaning, and damage remediation. We are not a nationwide chain or a monopoly of subcontractors. We take pride in giving you the best family-focused service without the nationwide price tag. We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality service at the lowest cost possible while being treated with the dignity, privacy, and respect you deserve. Our primary job is not to profit from your loss but to rather help you recover from it. 

Our Core Values

Our Mission at Spartan BioRecovery is not to focus on the tragedy or disaster itself, but instead, to help you recover from it. 

Spartan BioRecovery follows all industry-leading practices, protocols, and mandates proven by our experience, State and Federal laws, and regulations. Your safety is as much of a priority as it is ours. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that we exceed the highest standards in cleaning, disinfection, and safety compliance for our employees and our customers. This leaves you with the reassurance that you and your family are fully protected.

Each circumstance is different however you will always be our highest priority. We are available 24/7/365 for the most devastating tragedies while other services we offer can be scheduled as necessary. We are committed to providing emergency response and 24-hour services. We are always ready and willing to help!

Our team is judgment-free, compassionate, and understanding no matter the situation. We will always treat you with respect, dignity, and empathy. We will provide you with the personal touch of a real person reaching out to help you that you deserve. Our team is driven by professionalism, compassion, and care for you and your family. 

We value your privacy and trust. You can rest assured that only you and the essential individuals will know of our purpose for being on your site. Our policy is not to share confidential or sensitive information about our visit without your consent and request.

It’s in our blood! Most of our employees are first responders to some degree. Fire, Police, EMS, Dispatch, Veterans… the list goes on. Our purpose in life is service to others. What better way to show that than to make a career of it?

We will gladly guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. Answer any and all questions you may have. Provide you with recovery resources available in your area following our services. Help you navigate the tricky and frustrating insurance claims process. We will be by your side every step of the way in order to provide you with exceptional service, integrity, safety, and trust.

After our services conclude, it doesn’t necessarily mean our job is completely done. We are avid supporters of mental health. Our Community Partners page provides our customers and those who just need a little extra help with some of the many resources available in our local area and nationwide. Our owners and team go beyond the invoice and walk you through any additional support you may need on your path to recovery from traumas and disasters. 

While it is not easy in our industry, we strive to be as “green” or “Earth-friendly” as possible. Biohazards and contaminated items are incinerated per State and Federal laws and regulations. Any recyclable materials such as plastics, papers, metals, etc. are sent to processing centers. Chemicals are transported to appropriate facilities. We use the least environmentally impactful cleaning chemicals possible while still exceeding industry standards. Salvageable items are cleaned properly and if unwanted taken to donation centers in your direct area for others who may need them. Only after all other avenues are explored are materials and items sent to landfills.

Find a lower price? We will beat it. No matter the size or extent of the situation, we approach all incidents with the same care. We will complete all processes of cleaning, remediation, disinfection, and decontamination with the utmost importance.  After all, you didn’t call us to be let down. If we have not exceeded your expectations in any way, we will make it right. 

Our Services

Spartan BioRecovery responds to incidents involving crime scenes, unattended deaths, suicides, and hoarding. We work diligently to return properties to their original habitable condition – Void of any health and safety risks.

Biohazard cleanup is a service that requires industry expertise, specialized scientific equipment and chemicals, appropriate certifications, and extensive training.

Our experts are trained in cleaning and disinfecting the impacted areas using industry-leading chemicals, processes, and protocols. We are thoroughly trained to adhere to OSHA, State, and Federal guidelines and laws.

Blood, bodily fluids and solids, human and pet waste, mold, and other biohazards can compound into more serious issues that quickly become toxic and make areas unsafe and uninhabitable. The longer these substances are in place the greater the risk to your safety and well-being. Do not wait! Contact us right away

When a traumatic event occurs such as unattended death, murder or suicide it is often too much for loved ones to handle cleaning it up themselves. 

Spartan BioRecovery specializes in hoarding and property cleanup. We work discreetly with families and friends who are unable to take care of their own 

Deaths involving drug use is an exceptionally hazardous situation for everyone involved. The risk of exposure to narcotics or Fentanyl are extremely