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Spartan BioRecovery specializes in hoarding and property cleanup. We work discreetly with families and friends who are unable to take care of their own property due to physical or mental limitations. Permanent or temporary.

What is hoarding? It is oftentimes a psychological condition that causes individuals to obsessively collect items and makes it difficult for that individual to part with items once they are collected. Other times it is a feeling to be prepared for whatever the individual is concerned about such as their perceived doomsday scenario or potential family crisis. Even further it’s as simple as the individual is overwhelmed by the mess that has gotten out of hand and they don’t know where to start.

Hoarding affects about 5% of the US population. 1 out of 20 houses experiences some level of hoarding where it substantially impacts its residents and sometimes even their neighbors.
What hazards does hoarding present? Outside of the obvious fire escape, fall and physical hazards; many health hazards are often present including: Hanta Virus, Histoplasmosis, Staph Bacteria, MRSA and E.Coli.
Many people underestimate the serious health and safety hazards associated with hoarding incidents. Pets contribute a significant hazard compounding hoarding situations if fecal and urine contaminates are not managed. Excessive clutter and trash invite insects and rodents to move in and expose residents to further serious health hazards.  

Part of our process to remediation and recovery for our customers, is to refer the individual(s) to local mental health resources available to them to reduce the likelihood of continued hoarding.

While advocating alongside local mental health agencies, we can pair therapy with remediation and we can help return your loved ones to a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Hoarding unfortunately may lead to unattended deaths or abandoned properties leaving the family or property management companies left to deal with the mess. Spartan BioRecovery specializes in complete property cleanouts to wipe the slate clean.

Let Spartan BioRecovery put you on the path to regain control of your life! We will be here to assist you every step of the way.